“Because my past is like a nightmare that I cannot escape”-safetysuit

It’s weird because the thing is on one hand I’m hopelessly obsessive with cute romantic gestures and on the other I’m like come at me fam wreck me up lmao. How weird is that? In all honesty I get happy when I’m single sometimes because I can wild out if you know what I mean. I can be a hoe, oh wait I’m a hoe all the time regardless the only difference is that when I’m in a relationship I am a loyal one if that makes sense. There’s been so many things I regret doing. If you’re uncomfortable with explicit stuff and idiocy in general I suggest you stop reading right now.

I suggest you checketh thyself before thy wrecketh thyself. 

List of stupid shit I regret doing and also disappointments in my life:

-giving one of my boyfriends a blowjob in a movie theater

-deepthroating the same dude, you guys if you’re uncomfortable and the guy has a jungle down there don’t be afraid to be like hell no. In my defense he used my fetishes against me and made me do a lot of stuff I was uncomfortable with because he was a horny asshole all the fucking time. So glad that ones over man.

-not buying stuff

-buying stuff ( this list just is a mess now, ah well)

-not saying my phone number was 1-800 go fuck yourself

-that I’m so quiet, I need to work on that. I’ve gotten somewhat better.

-that one of my exes is leaving for the navy February 16th and shipping out and he’s low key trying to suggest that he regrets that we have not fucked.

-all the fuckbois I’ve added on my snapchat (thank god there is a block button)

– that I don’t live in canada( long story)

-being such a bitch when I was younger

-still being a bitch on occasion but I’m done being walked all over soooo…

(to be continued in near future I suspect)