Talking to new people can be interesting. I was talking to this guy he said he’d get me Turkish royal cigarettes because he doesn’t like when I don’t have what I need. I said no cause I didn’t want to get him in trouble. Then this guy got mad at me and told me I was ungrateful and that he’s disappointed I won’t let him do things for me. I tried to see it he wanted to go to a movie and volunteered to pay for the tickets and for dinner. He said no because it would make him less of a gentleman if he did that. What is up with you guys and your pride? Like Jesus Christ let me be nice it’s my invitation and shouldn’t the one who invites be the one who pays!? Idk lmao you guys let me know what you think regarding that issue. 

Also on another note one of my friends is leaving for th navy I’m trying to give him a going away present if you know what I mean. We’ll see how that one goes through. The closet hoe has come out to play. 

Work is all time consuming but I really like it a lot more than my last job I guess.