This half of the year I decided to take creative writing and I wanted to take it just for the poetry section to be completely honest with all of you. Anyways, I turned in the first draft of my short story there were a lot of edits and such. The thing that threw me off the most though was what he said at the end of it all.

“You have talent now you just need to put in the writing time to get this idea moving, I’m going to be hard on you because you are gifted. Fair warning”

So now I’ve really been putting the time into my story which I posted on here as well if you care to give it a read, but it did freak me out. I was just taking the class to take it not to write. Even though I love writing I don’t consider myself all that talented at it. For someone to believe in me, it feels really nice. I’ve had people abandoning me left and right lately. So when I got a chance to write a realistic short story I revolved it around stuff that has happened, changing it slightly to make it much more dramatic and entertaining.

Along with the whole story thing I have been working a lot and school is pretty difficult especially this whole math thing. I took a total L on my quiz today. Right now as I write this I’m in AP drawing and well I’m writing instead of drawing. Oops. How very typical of me to be messing around not doing what’s expected. I also think I’m going to at least write once a week on here. That is my goal. I’m trying to focus on more positive things with all the horrible stuff that’s happened to me lately including the loss of my best friend.

Thanks for reading, commenting, liking, understanding.

Even though I really have nothing to complain about let’s be real haha.