One of my friends is leaving for the navy tomorrow and I messed up you guys. I didn’t get to see him one last time, I even got him a card and everything. This is the same guy who cheated on me a year ago when I was in tenth grade. Here’s the thing though I learned something really important and that is that people do change for the better he is living, breathing proof that it can happen.

A year ago he hurt me badly. We were dating, but not really because his alcohol and cigarettes were more important to him than me which really hurt me. He also had been seeing his ex again behind my back and cheating on me with her. When I found out it burnt really bad but I forgave him. Then he did it again.

He wasn’t that great of a person at that time. He was going through a lot of stuff and so was I. It was the cliche case of right person wrong time rather than right place wrong time. This year I recently started talking to him again and apologized for being an emo dipshit when he dated me lol. He too apologized to me sincerely a matter of days ago. It was real. He’s quit smoking and drinking all together. He’s really sobered up.

If he can turn his life around then it feels like I can too. I can also learn from all of this and kick addiction right in the balls. It’s going to be ok. Everything will get better and he just reassured me that it would, that it will only keep getting better. It’s only up from here. I really am going to miss him so much though.