I won the fight and got the antidepressants and the doctor said right to my moms face that she was wrong and natural oils or whatever shit she’s been giving me cannot help my level of depression. Ha in your face bitch. I tried to tell her this, but of course she wouldn’t listen. So I am now on Prozac which is pretty safe although side effects are kinda crappy they aren’t that awful in the grand scheme of things.

It dries my mouth out really badly, but I guess that’s what water is for amiright? Also idk if it’s just me being a bum at this point, but I feel more and more sleepy. I did stay up till like 1 a.m. But you know pffft that has nothing to do with it whatsoever (it so totally does oh my goodness).  I feel that already my overall day to day mood has improved quite a bit. It’s only been a couple days, but I’m feeling more optimistic about where my life is headed and I can now get out of bed. I missed 14 days of school and because of truancy laws if I miss one more day making it 15 missed days then they can kick me out of school basically yikes. Truancy laws are serious shit man.

In other news I can’t wait until I’m out of here. I’ve made the decision that once I am 18 i’m cutting off all contact with my parental units because they’re awful. I try to avoid being home as much as possible, but there’s only so much until I’m forced to come home and sleep and eat and stuff. I can’t change where I come from I guess, but I can definitely change where I’m going from this point on.


ok important talk, I always have to lie at the start of doctors appointments when they ask questions like:

-are you sexually active? Psssh no totally a virgin (I’m such a liar you guys omg, but my mom was in the room)

-drink alcohol? No that’s illegal! (Fuck America I do it anyways)

-smoke? No cigarettes are gross (I’m addicted lmao rest in Pepsi)

it can’t be just me who lies about that stuff because it’s illegal and uh awkward I’m not about to admit to a random stranger that yes I’m getting fucked and it’s amazing as hell and that we do it almost every weekend and if not every other weekend.