So recently I started taking Prozac for my depression and my mild anxiety. Supposedly the side effects aren’t supposed to be that many, but I’ve noticed some changes. Overall my day to day mood has increased positively after just a week or two on Prozac. I can once again motivate myself enough to get out of bed. My depression is not as severe as it was before.

I was drawing and my hand cramped up and started shaking violently and would not stop. Also yesterday I woke up and the left side of my head hurt really badly then it switched to the other side of my head it was fucking weird. I can’t tell if it’s because Prozac makes you dehydrated and I haven’t been drinking water or if it’s just the medicine. The hand thing sounds like a muscle spasm, but maybe that’s withdrawal from not smoking anymore. I really have no idea. Whenever I wake up in the mornings I feel sick a lot of the times now and it makes me want to stay home, but I can’t so that’s a thing.

Also I’m pretty hype my lingerie came in the mail and it all fits right and might I add I had to have one of my guy friends help me pick it out lmao. I’m so indecisive ok.

Welp bye.