Have you ever heard of the app whisper? It’s like an anonymous confession app and I confess mostly sexual stuff on it which of course attracts all the creeps, but I don’t care all that much so you know. Well anyways, there’s basically this really creepy guy on there that’s my number one fan or something. He stalks all my whispers and watches all my posts I make (you choose usernames on the app and I haven’t changed mine so it’s not that hard to do). At first I was like well ok that’s nice. Then he tried giving me life advice and his advice is awful advice. Even though I know I could make better choices believe you me his advice isn’t relevent or helpful. His name is Avery and he’s a college student who lives 10 miles away from me according to the distance thing on the app. Might I add that he told me sex stories I so did not want to hear…we’re talking premature ejaculation here you guys. That’s just embarrassing, yet he bragged about it. I’m 16 and I’ve had more sexual experience than this weird ass doorknob named Avery. That says something considering I’ve only had sex a couple of times you guys lol.

Overall the app is a positive way to just confess things without the fear of people you know judging you. However, like any app there are fuckbois on it and most of them are older washed up losers. It’s not a dating app and yet these are all the rejects that weren’t attractive enough to even make a tinder profile. So that’s something.