Hey guys today was a day well this whole weekends been special. I worked yesterday and today. Woo. Not. Anyways, today after work he picked me up and we cruised around for awhile it was a lot of fun…it feels so good to talk to him. 

I feel safe with him. Also he bought me another pack. I’m trying to stop because it’s bad obviously and it hurt a friend. Then again we don’t even talk anymore. I don’t know why I still care so much. I really don’t.  Anyways, I smoked for the first time in awhile and I was reminded why I started it just makes everything kinda go away. That is what little anxiety I have…things have been pretty decent in my life lately so…

Anyways, long story short he screwed me in the back of his car. It was really fun…I guess I like the whole game of risk. Well anytime I’m with him it’s a game of risk because it’s illegal. Woo. I just feel special when I’m with him and I haven’t felt special in a long time…I missed it I guess. I know that’s stupid even typing it I feel stupid, but I’m tired and stuff rn. Don’t judge me for my incoherent posts at this point you should be used to it. 

Much love ❤