So I’m pretty sure that this girl in my math class got the wrong impression or that maybe she’s coming onto me. This is so incredibly awkward it’s not like I can just be like oh yeah I’m seeing someone. I mean that’s private anyways (and low key illegal)  I’m not into her at all she’s a pretty cool friend. I wasn’t entirely sure, but I think my suspicions were confirmed today when she gave me a heart chocolate before the test? That’s not something friends do or at least that’s not what my friends and I do. I mean I know she’s lesbian and she knows I’m bisexual so that’s a thing what a joy. Just the way she acts around me is different compared to other people. It’s strange. I might just be overly tired and hallucinating or maybe I’m overly cocky. I don’t really know.

Also I finally got to check out someone yesterday at work about damned time am I right? What even are my priorities right now you guys. Also I have to decide what my next hair color will be? Right now it is red and it makes my blue eyes really pop (not my words). I love the world of hair dye oml. I had blonde hair before and it was just extremely boring so that’s a thing I guess.

Also I think the test went well and I’m not gonna get kicked out of the regular math class so that’s awesome sauce.