so I multiplied out all my hours and stuff and it looks like by next friday if I stop spending money I’ll have about $713ish dollars, but there is room in there for me to spend money for like food and stuff. I decided that I want to save up to get a new phone and after that a laptop. What can I say ambitions lol. My mom is probably gonna have to buy it though then I can do the monthly. I’m not 18 so there’s that whole monthly plan thing that I’m not allowed to do. Well contracting stuff anyways. It’s a pain in the ass I just want to pay it myself and do the monthly myself. I think I can do monthly, but she’ll probably have to initially have to buy the phone.

Damnnnn. Also I turned that girl down I told her I’m not emotionally available. In reality I know it’s just cause I don’t like her and I like the guy I’ve been seeing. I mean shit I told him I love him. Maybe that’s naive. At least I’m aware of it, but I’m not about to lead this girl on when I don’t even like her and I never will. It’s not fair. So I had to do the blunt and honest thing and just say straight up no. That’s probably the best. Rejection hurts, but leading someone on is way worse. It was sort of awkward in school today, but ah well. It’ll go back to normal soon I think.