Hi, welcome to a page full of teenage angst, bubbly posts, deep thoughts. Life stuff, I guess. This is my place and I hope you like it.

About the blogger:

-Favors alternative music but not cringey stuff like my chemical romance. We aren’t living in 2000 MySpace. I’m talking about good stuff like the smiths.

-Favorite movie and book is the perks of being a wallflower. Highly recommend you watch it or read it. It’s amazing.

-Wards off fuckbois on a daily basis.

-Very dramatic life, that is at times.

-Enjoys writing, singing, drawing, and Netflix.

-Favorite ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough or mint chip

-My older friends call me emo baby

-Takes French class but is not responsible for butchering it, well actually is but sshhhh.

-Is always up to talk to anybody. You need someone I got you, being alone sucks.

-Enjoys quotes and photos