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Meaningless (poem) 

Meaningless apologies fall off of the tongue that once wrote beautiful words on my skin

like pen to paper blueprints

Dirty disgusting, empty apologies falter at filling,

the space between

Coffee and cigarettes infuse the hollowness


The Girl (poem)

what people don’t understand is that it doesn’t matter how hard they try

the girl had just been hurt too many times

what people don’t understand is they might be willing to help but the girl doesn’t want it

the girl had her heart torn out and stomped on one too many times

you see it’s like falling into a bottomless pit with no hope of finding the top

you see it’s like having an unbreakable glass wall built around you

you see it’s like having a thousand pound weight pulling you down

you see it’s like having a never ending nightmare but you know it’s reality

the girl feels as though there is no point in hoping anymore

what’s the point if she keeps getting kicked when she’s down

the girl wants to lose the ability to feel anything

what’s the point if the feelings she does have only hurts her


From one to two to three

multiplying at an alarming rate

I’m just totally numb inside but you don’t see

multiplying at an alarming rate

you are all over me

you are on my arms and even my legs

you are only the temporary pain so that I feel something anything

I am desperate to feel something anything

blood mixed with tears

it’s scary how good it feels

doing this gets rid of all my anxiety and my fears

so I just keep doing it

so I just keep dragging this razor across my arm

Do you know who I am?

I am shadows

I am darkness

I am sadness

I am hate

I am the worst kind of monster

do you know who I am?

do you know what I am capable of?

do you know how many people I have murdered?

do you know how scared you should be?

I’ve lost count of how many people I have killed

I’ve lost count of how many people I have left feeling useless

I’ve lost count of how many people I have left crying

I’ve lost count of how many people I have left feeling so alone

Do you know who I am?

a poem for you friend..

friend why did you have to go

friend why’d you leave

friend why did you die

friend you’ve finally made me cry

friend I miss you every day

friend I wish I had picked up your call

friend maybe if I wouldn’t of taken you for granted

friend maybe if I would’ve been there for you

friend I feel so alone now that you are gone

friend I feel so numb

friend I feel so useless

friend I do not want to be afraid

friend my tears are dripping sore

friend my dark side is becoming my only side

friend my mind is a scary place to go lately

friend my head is swirling with dark thoughts and I couldn’t miss you more

friend I do not want to die inside just to breathe

friend I do not want to be all alone

friend I do not want to feel so numb

friend you are gone


friend, true friend

will you be there for me

will you stick with me till the end

friend, true friend

smiles,laughs,and hugs

we’ve been through so much together

when you find out about my other side

will you help me or will you run away

please don’t leave me friend

you see you’re all that I have

to everyone else I am invisible

friend don’t leave me

“Don’t worry, you’re just going through a rough patch there are always bad things that happen before anything good can happen a rainbow can’t come without rain, right?”

friend, you always know just the right thing to say

friend, you help to ease the pain

true friend, a true friend till the end


I used to have passions

I used to have dreams

I used to have plans

I used to have hope

I used to but now I don’t

maybe you don’t care, no you probably most likely don’t care

maybe you’re too busy drowning in your own sorrows without letting anyone else know

maybe you’re too busy acting like nothing bothers you or rather maybe you’re too busy trying to blend in

maybe you just forgot about me or that I even exist I wouldn’t blame you


drowning, and I can’t breathe but everyone around me can

I am dying but you won’t help me

I am dying and you were the final push my dear

thoughts (poem)

crazy thoughts mad delusional crazy thoughts

insane thoughts psychopathic insane thoughts

these are what fill my little head

these are what hold my heads attention

These thoughts are spiralling inside of my head

it’s like a whirlpool inside of my head

just a tornado of thoughts inside of my head

sometimes it all moves too fast and it’s hard to comprehend whats happening inside of my head

sometimes all these thoughts are too much

sometimes the black hole inside of my head sucks all those happy thoughts I had away

sometimes I wonder if there were even happy thoughts to begin with

sometimes I think all these thoughts but the words just don’t come out correctly

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